Real Food Mini-Pledge Program by Lisa Leake of 100 Days of Real Food

Real Food Mini-Pledge Program

A Message From Lisa Leake

My name is Lisa Leake, and for the past 8 years I’ve committed my life to helping others cut out processed food and live healthier lives.
I’ve studied and learned everything I possibly can about the dangers of factory food. And I’ve created a simple way for people who care about their health to make small changes that lead to big results.
As a #1 New York Times bestselling author and avid blogger with millions of readers, I’m so proud of what the members of our Real Food community have been able to accomplish.
And I’m thankful you’ve taken a couple of minutes to learn more about what we do on your own path to living a healthier life.

About the Program

The Real Food Mini-Pledge Program consists of 6 weekly pledges to help you cut out processed food in a realistic and manageable way.

We’ll tackle things such as adding more fruits and veggies to your diet, cutting out sugar, and eating 100% whole-grain one week at a time.

Access the program online where you’ll be able to watch videos, download guides, and tap into myself, our team, and fellow students when you need support or have a question.

Each week (for 6 weeks) you'll have access to:

  • Pledge intro video from me
  • Guidelines on how to follow each pledge
  • Weekly starter meal plans
  • Additional recipe and meal ideas
  • Private Facebook group for discussion and support
  • Bonus lessons

The Pledges

  • Week 1: More fruits and veggies
  • Week 2: No fast food / deep fried foods
  • Week 3: Nothing artificial
  • Week 4: No refined sweeteners
  • Week 5: Five ingredient rule
  • Week 6: 100% whole grain

Here's what a few previous Mini Pledge participants say:

This program really opened my family's eyes to what real food is. I thought we ate healthy before the pledge even though we bought some processed food. I had never paid much attention to labels. 

Thanks to this program we have now transitioned into the real, clean food world and we feel so much healthier and food even tastes so much better.  

Everyone in my family participated in this pledge and looked forward to trying new things and helping with the shopping and label reading. Thank you so very much!
Anna V.
I found this to be very easy to follow. I did not make my family follow but found that they are starting to eat better too. 

Everyone at work was very impressed that I was able to stick to the program. 

I sleep better and find that I don't feel hungry all the time.
Tammy C.
I really enjoyed this 6 week pledge—I have made it a habit to read labels at the grocery store, I visit your site first to search for weekly recipes.

My favorite thing was how straight-forward this program was, you got right to the point and I didn't have to read a ton of stuff to get the idea of what I needed to be doing. I plan to "re-do" these steps starting next week. Also, I am so happy I bought your Fast & Fab cookbook—I have never owned a cookbook that I've used so much. I keep it on my living room coffee table.
Lindsey B.
I transitioned from the pledge into a dramatically restricted veg/fruit/protein only diet because I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia four weeks into the pledge. My doctor recommended a full nutritional reset, but because I've been moving toward whole/real food for a while it's actually been much easier than I expected.
The support of the 100Days community is amazing and I'm grateful I took the pledge when I did.
Moving forward with confidence that real food will be a key in my future health and quality of life and that it's a workable lifestyle with resources like you!
Jen F.
This is a great program, and I did the mini-pledge once before. The first time it really helped us to cut out a lot of crazy things from our diet. The second time helped us to focus things, we have both cookbooks and they are wonderful resources. We have been working to change the way we eat and will continue to use the program as we move to a healthier lifestyle. Looking forward to any new cookbooks being created.
Sarah G.
Love the program!  You took something so intimidating and made it simple!  Thank you.
Mandy G.
Join Us!


How long will the program be for sale?

You can purchase at any time, but the early bird discount expires at noon EST on Sunday, March 1st.

When does the program start?

While you can go through the program on your own schedule, we recommend choosing one of the group start dates (first Monday of January, March, May, July, September, November) so you’ll have plenty of peers facing the same challenges each week.

Is there a Facebook group?

Yes! There is a private Facebook group for current participants and graduates of the program to provide each other support and encouragement.

Are your cookbooks required for the program?

Definitely not, however they make great resources and I do include recipe suggestions with page numbers from all three books for your convenience.

How do I get support?

There is live chat support within the program when available, otherwise we aim to respond via email within 24 hours on business days. The Facebook group is another great option as well. We can also be reached at

What is your return policy?

14 day money back guarantee.

How does this differ from previous years?

Here’s what’s new:
  • 6 printable starter meal plans complete with breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner.
  • All pledges and lessons will be unlocked at the beginning so you can read and plan ahead.
  • Choose from one of six group start dates throughout the year or follow it on your own schedule whenever it's convenient for you.
  • Access to the program has been increased to 6 months so you can go through it multiple times if you wish.
  • Recipe suggestions are now organized by meal type to make meal planning easier.
  • New lessons have been added, including a free smartphone app (pre-loaded with my blog recipes).
  • Chat support for whenever you need help.

What's included?

Text Icon 35 text files


First Steps
How to Join the Facebook Group
How to Prepare Before Each Week
FAQ + Support
Meal Planning
How to Plan Your Meals
Meal Planning App (optional)
About My Cookbooks
Bonus Lessons
Recommendations for Food Allergies/Sensitivities
Getting Your Family/Friends on Board
Batch Cooking and Freezer Meals
Week 1
Pledge #1: Fruits and Veggies
Starter Meal Plan: Week 1
Recipes Ideas from My Blog/Prepear
Recipes Ideas from My Cookbooks
Week 2
Pledge #2: No Fast Food or Deep Fried Foods
Starter Meal Plan: Week 2
Recipe Ideas from My Blog/Prepear
Recipe Ideas from My Cookbooks
Week 3
Pledge #3: No Artificial Ingredients
Starter Meal Plan: Week 3
Recipe Ideas from My Blog/Prepear
Recipe Ideas from My Cookbooks
Week 4
Pledge #4: No Refined Sweeteners
Starter Meal Plan: Week 4
Recipe Ideas from My Blog/Prepear
Recipe Ideas from My Cookbooks
Week 5
Pledge #5: 5-Ingredient Rule
Starter Meal Plan Week 5
5-Ingredient Store Bought Products
Week 6
Pledge #6: 100% Whole-Grain
Starter Meal Plan: Week 6
Recipe Ideas from My Blog/Prepear
Recipe Ideas from My Cookbooks
Next Steps
Congratulations and Next Steps

What this program is not...

The Real Food Mini-Pledge Program is not a cleanse that forces you to go on a liquid diet, doesn’t require you to purchase or take any supplements, and is not about tediously tracking calories, points, fat grams, etc.

It is also not a meal planning service, however you will be provided with ample resources to develop a plan to fit your locale, budget, and family’s taste. The suggested recipes for each week come from the starter meal plan, the blog (free), and my three cookbooks ( my first (white) one, the second (blue) one, and/or the newest (yellow) one).

Put simply, the program is about eating right and incorporating real food into your diet little by little—real food that can be purchased at any grocery store (or farmers’ market)! This program is more about learning how to make important and sustainable changes to your lifestyle than it is about going on a short-term crash diet or following a rigorous meal plan.

Join Us!

I hope you’ll decide to join us this year! The idea is for these mini-pledges to help you gain a new perspective and encourage you to make at least some positive long-term changes in the long run when you are done with the program. This is an EASY way to cut out processed food one step at a time so you can make important changes for your health. I look forward to having you as part of the program!