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  • Slow cooker recipe eBook
  • Ingredient label cheat sheet
  • And so much more!
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About our Free Real Food Resources
Original 100 Days of Real Food blog series
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School Lunches
Intro to School Lunches
School Lunch Packing Chart
How to Make a Healthy Packed School Lunch in 5 Minutes
Rules for Making Frozen Sandwiches
My Top 3 School Lunch Tip Videos
Meal Ideas
Salads and Soups
Snacks and Appetizers
Basic Recipes
Restaurant Options
Meal Plans
7-day real food family meal plans with shopping lists
1 Day Meal Plan for Beginners
5 Day Sample Meal Plan (created with PrePear)
Ingredient Label Cheat Sheet (learn what ingredients really are)
Earth Fare "cheat sheet"
Costco "real food" shopping list
Whole Foods "real food" shopping list
Produce Storage Cheat Sheet (how long will it last?)
Slow Cooker Real Food Recipes
8 Recipe Bonus eBook
My 5 Favorite Smoothie Recipes
DIY (Healthier) Nacho Bar
How to put together a holiday appetizer platter
New Year's Eve balloon countdown party idea for kids
DIY Hand Cleansing Wipes Guide